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We love travel, what’s happening to travel, how our travel partners are driving travel change and creating an exciting and connected future. We are part of their story taking great brands into global travel trade communities through exciting local and regional sales strategies.

Our goal is simple. To become the most admired, innovative sales & marketing partner in the travel business, providing exceptional customer experience through passion, talent and technology.

Our logo is our lighthouse that shows people who we are. This logo protects, nurtures, embraces, and exhibits confidence for the people in this company and externally to our clients.

our identity

What drives us


Our identity is our compass to carry Discover through the noisy, demanding, high energy industry that surrounds us and grows bigger and bigger every year.


Simplicity is the first element we see in the brand. The Spirit rings represent the unity of Discover, the international culture of our people and the colour, energy and movement of a modern and progressive business. We have a clean, uncomplicated name. We are Discover the World because that is what we help our clients do!


With this logo, we present ourselves to anyone in travel with confidence. We sell Discover. Our brand says we are a company that achieves and delivers. We are passionate about sales and marketing. This is why we can speak with pride and confidence .

Our team


Dinos Frantzeskakis

Managing Director


Nikos Frantzeskakis

Deputy Managing Director


Sales Manager

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