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Whenever someone hears Athens a blend of ancient history and modern aesthetics comes to mind .

Acropolis is the hub around which Athens is built and is visible from all areas of the city .

 Rooftops and balconies surround this charming  masterpiece of milky marble built a top a hill .

For history lovers Athens offers an immersive experience of rich history spanning centuries if not millennia .  

The inquisitive traveler will keep himself busy exploring the motherland of democracy, mythology and philosophy.

a rich history

Athens is alive

Traces of four hundred (400) years of Ottoman rule are evident in architecture and food. 

The creative energy of Athenians could not be restrained by the economic crisis of 2009 as the whole city oozes with energy featuring art shows, political debates and creative surprises in every corner that require spontaneous action so be sure you have some spare time in your hands !


Smile and enjoy Athens. take a long walk around and talk to people.