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Greece with its affordable prices, perfect climate, variety of venues , filoxenia attitude , impeccable landscape , vast coastline offers opportunities for MICE that must adhere to the following axioms.

  • Budget adherence
  • Attention to detail 
  • Organizational coherence 
  • Flexibility
  • Solving the unexpected problem

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All you need to know before attending a M.I.C.E. event

What you need to know

A vast 12,000 km coastline and 12 skiing centers offer numerous holiday options .
MICE is growing due to population increase and globalization strengthening
Utilizes : new tech Attracts : high spenders Enhances : off peak tourism

Mice players :

In Discover the World we like to keep up with all the latest trends . This is an obligation we have as service providers in an ever changing sector that has communication and technology in its core .

Many changes have occurred in Incentive travel sector after the pandemic. The incentive programs in the post – pandemic era consist of cultural experiences, group dining experiences , team building with a luxury element and most importantly Wellness the latest trend after the pandemic .

We offer you , through our partners , state of the art Spa and Thalassotherapy treatment complete with water jets so you can unwind while you achieve complete harmony and balance of body and spirit .

It is our joy to pamper you while keeping your health in check by providing you with nutritional consultation , private trainer from experienced instructors always adhering to Greek traditions .

Special emphasis is placed on the intrinsic joy of travel and the qualifier ( receiver of the award ) is placed at the center, as the itinerary is built around rejuvenation and destination discovery . Our goal is to create ever lasting memories for you through encounters with people and places in an authentic fashion .

So all you have to do is get ready to get spoiled and indulge in a memorable experience that will rejuvenate your senses . That is accomplished with a creation of a dynamic , tailor made , A to Z itinerary in constant communication with you that will reconnect you to your inner being .

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